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Is Data A Panacea – How Can A Fintech Solution Improve Access To Data

In this final part of our series exploring data needs for DCM, we examine how data can be the panacea for really effective transactions. 

1. Who is the data for?

Generating data and analytics at present can become a tedious and sometimes overwhelming – still a manual process more often than not. Who is the data for? What questions does it answer? Rationalising the current processes and automating the tasks while at the same time combining multiple data sources will provide a consistent deal related picture to DCM and their clients. The market is not there yet. Critically, DCM teams and fintech need to work together to find the optimal delivery mechanism so that structured data can be visualised in an easy to consume manner. 

2. What data is really needed?

In order to build a clear picture of the deal and the context around it, a number of pieces of data are needed. Historic orderbook information and roadshow details, live market updates, bookbuilding alerts and multiple other pieces of information that will enable DCM teams to deliver a successful deal. 

Working with bookrunners, we have been taking feedback and listening to your daily challenges, as well as those of your clients, the issuers. Together, we are creating tools to deliver this much needed contextual data to deliver successful transactions. 

3. Who dares wins? 

Is there a data race going on? There is no easy answer here. One thing is for sure – today, there is still a lot of relevant data within DCM teams that is inaccessible, possibly sitting in some spreadsheet gathering dust. 

In developing the right digital tools to enable access to critical data, we must address the following: 

  • Use a systematic way to capture and store data – spreadsheets are not fit for purpose 
  • Combine data and generate insights and analytics to guide the transaction 
  • Make data accessible in real time to team members and clients 
  • Deliver clean data in a visually appealing and flexible manner 

At Finsmart, we keep close to DCM teams. By listening to the needs of our clients, our products will enable much needed improvement to deal execution. Fintech solutions like DealPro will significantly enhance the structure, availability and relevance of data, providing DCM teams with the very best and latest deal critical context. 

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