Time for change?

The current macroeconomic uncertainty is impacting banks. Deal volumes, especially in debt capital markets, are down 25% versus the first half of 2021 and 33% versus the first half of 2020 (source: Bloomberg).

This slowdown provides an opportunity – to reflect, refine and assess the processes and infrastructure that support deal flow. How can banks truly add value to their client base and provide seamless deal management?

Working with a trusted digital partner, banks can improve processes on a number of levels:

  1. Increase the deal team’s capacity by deploying digital tools to manage the menial tasks
  2. Maximise the output from data available in a structured/actionable fashion
  3. Upgrade essential governance/reporting/audit processes
  4. Improve client experience with better data, accessibility, comms and in a user friendly manner

Now is the time to springboard for success by partnering with a trusted team of experts. Experts whose perfect marriage of banking and fintech backgrounds provide a unique insight into the demands of DCM. Experts who have track records of delivering effective change. Experts who want to journey with their clients to deliver value added solutions.

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The Finsmart Team