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Is The Data Available Today For DCM Market Participants Still Adequate?

Bond issuance is still today dominated by a constant exchange of data that is critical to the success of any transaction. This information needs to be accurate, accessible and delivered in a structured and secure manner. 

What is there and what is missing? 

DCM teams need daily access to accurate up to date information to inform decision making – whether historical data and analytics or unstructured data. More often than not the historical information spans different types of deals, currencies and maturities. It is information needed to land a new deal or support a live one, to analyse an orderbook or reply to an urgent question from a client. Whatever the situation, fast, accurate and detailed information is needed that will show past investors, investment trends or generate insights. 

What can be improved and what will be the impact?

A spreadsheet and a pivot table used to be enough to deal with this, not any more though. Being able to manage the big volume of historical data needs a well thought out system with the capacity to combine and analyse data as needed, on the go, daily. 

Through tools like DealPro, fintechs can deliver this mission critical information to DCM and Issuer teams, live, 24×7. At Finsmart, our tech development teams are working with banks to ensure our functionality delivers best in class access to data management tools.

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