DealPro is the unique digital platform transforming deal
execution for Debt Capital Markets

DealPro is an industry first platform the one-stop-shop for Debt Capital Markets

Deployed by underwriters to digitalise deal execution, enabling issuers and institutional investors access to all critical information any time, from anywhere, under one digital roof.

DealPro features & benefits

Collate everything into one place

From roadshow logistics to pricing, from investor feedback to live orders, there is an urgent need for a unified environment where data can be efficiently consumed

Streamline workflows

Today, deal workflows are fragmented and time consuming limiting the value deal teams can add. DealPro will digitise workflows, boosting deal execution

Decrease deal execution costs

Cost efficiency is critical and will deliver competitive advantage. DealPro will drive cost reductions

Reduce operational risk

Fast onboarding of deal teams; access to deal critical information through secure document vaults; real time team interaction with chat function

Stay in-sync as the deal unfolds

Issuers will have sight of deal information as it happens to ensure
accurate decision making and, ultimately, successful deal execution

Enhance user experience

An industry first user friendly secure mobile platform with tailor made graphics and navigation

Emphasis on compliance

Enhanced compliance processes by generation of detailed reports on deal activity as well as deal content

Real-time insights and analytics

Insights, analytics and notifications, combined with access to historical corporate and market data, provide invaluable context as deals develop

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