Finsmart Launches DealPro Data Delivering Instant Access to Reliable Data and Analytics for Bookrunners and Syndicate

7 September, 2023. Finsmart’s DealPro Data is live. Bookrunners can now instantly access data and analytics to support everyday banking needs, when pitching, during a transaction or post-trade.  

Jean-Marc Mercier, Senior Board Advisor, Finsmart, commented:

“DealPro Data is a transformative feature for bankers. Until now, accessing critical data has been pretty much a manual process, with delayed analytics, often skewed through duplication and out of date facts. Our world moves incredibly fast – bankers need this functionality to ensure they remain competitive, up-to-date and build trust with their clients.“ 

DealPro Data is available today via the desktop app and will be launched for mobile use during Q4 2023.  

DealPro Data is integrated across the full suite of DealPro functionality, elevating DealPro to the key fintech solution supporting every day banking needs in debt capital markets. It delivers bankers unprecedented access to live data and analytics.

Sotiris Manderis, CEO, Finsmart said:

“Data driven decision making is critical for bankers.  We are delighted with the pace of our rollout of new features addressing this need. Efficient, trusted fintech solutions such as DealPro deliver significant returns across many aspects of DCM banking. Watch this space for the next evolution!”  

Key facts about DealPro data:  

  • DealPro Data can be accessed by bookrunners and syndicate 
  • Data is automatically updated as users enjoy Roadshow, Deal and Workflow features 
  • Data is deduplicated, to ensure information is clean and up-to-date 
  • Historic data can be easily added, to provide contextual facts and figures  
  • DealPro is incredibly intuitive. Once you have downloaded the app, you can easily navigate to the functionality you require  
  • No specific training is required
  • Support is available 24/7 via our online chat, or by contacting our support team 
  • Finsmart is ISO27001 certified – delivering an internationally recognised standard for information security. 

Book your demo today to find out how DealPro Data will create competitive advantage and efficiencies for your debt capital markets teams. For more information or for a demo, contact

The Finsmart Team