Finsmart Set For Growth

2022 has so far been notably different to the two “pandemic” years – with geopolitics providing an unstable backdrop, market dynamics haven’t yet found their ‘new normal’ and hybrid working continues to challenge. Balance has yet to be reached on many levels. 

Against this backdrop, Finsmart – as a young start up – has not only held its path but continued to grow. The energy and momentum in a young startup is unparalleled. Each day counts as an equivalent of seven in a mature company, and the need for a small focussed team to deliver many tasks simultaneously demands intelligent resource allocation to deliver excellent service. 

Through listening to their needs, we are excited that debt capital market participants are increasingly hungry for us to deliver our apps enabling the best possible experience of deal execution through first class digital products. With multiple trials and meetings under our belts (quite a few in person now!) and amazing feedback from people in the industry, our product has matured. We have a clear roadmap with key partnerships, an expanding team and product development in sight. 

With only one quarter effectively left for this year what is our focus? 

  • Navigating ongoing, inevitable, market volatility to facilitate a more sustainable and resilient approach to debt capital markets processes  
  • Working closely with Bookrunners and Issuers so that transactions are facilitated, automated, digitalised.

Longer term – where are we heading? 

Finsmart is aiming to become an integral part of the primary capital markets infrastructure, deal-related or non-deal-related. Our industry deserves better workflow, data and interaction. We are also seeking to partner with similarly minded participants in order to accelerate this process. Collaboration and connection are key for growth – startups are not “islands” – we believe in listening and learning in order to really expand! Ultimately, this is a people business – by staying close to the needs of our clients, the industry participants, the experts – we continue to deliver products that really improve their day to day business. 

With announcements on specific developments imminent, stay tuned to Finsmart via our website or LinkedIn, or contact us via

The Finsmart Team