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Your Questions Answered About DealPro Functionality, DealPro Data, Security and Compliance

At meetings with banks and issuers, we find a similar pattern of questions emerging, so we thought we’d answer some here.


🇶 What is DealPro? 

🇦DealPro is a transformative tool delivering digital functionality to debt capital markets connecting bookrunners and issuers through an intuitive app the DCM team can rely on – every day. 

🇶Is DealPro live yet? 

🇦DealPro went live in Q4 2022 and is already used by Raiffeisen Bank International. With input from bankers, it is constantly being updated with new functionality that simplifies and streamlines DCM processes. 

🇶Who is DealPro for? 

🇦With workflow and roadshow tools, integrated live chat and secure access to real time data, DealPro is for bookrunners, the syndicate and issuers. It reduces transaction costs, increases efficiency by removing manual processes and expedites deal execution. 

🇶What is DealPro’s USP? 
🇦There are three pillars that make up DealPro’s USP: 1. Sophisticated workflow, 2. Structured data and analytics and 3. Dependable governance 

🇶Can I access DealPro securely from my mobile and my desktop? 

🇦DealPro enables bookrunners and issuers secure access 24/7 to manage, execute and monitor all aspects of the DCM process. 


🇶 What are DealPro’s features? 

🇦 DealPro is available as a mobile app and a web app transforming DCM processes for both bankers and issuers. Emphasis is on workflow automation and data capture as well as real-time data accessibility. Features include: a sophisticated online roadshow tool, secure document vault, comms channel, live orderbook details, alerts and notifications and access to all the latest deal-related information. More features will be available very soon. 

🇶 What makes DealPro different? 

🇦 DealPro has been built by debt capital market veterans who understand the challenges of bookrunners and issuers, designed as a real solution to a daily need – pitching for a deal, keeping clients updated, automating data capture and accessing live data when it is most needed. 

🇶 How do I know if DealPro will really work for me? 

🇦If you are in debt capital markets either as a banker or as an issuer then DealPro is for you. A cloud based, SaaS, product that means minimal integration to in-house systems/processes and faster time to market for your team. 

🇶 What does it cost? 

🇦 Our pricing structure is simple and easy to follow. There is an initial small annual subscription/set up cost and then a deal by deal cost depending on the platform usage, the more it is used the cheaper it gets. Please contact us for more details. 

🇶 Does DealPro save you money? 

🇦 Yes. DealPro saves you and your bankers time by streamlining DCM processes before, during and after the deal is priced, empowering your teams to do more business and lowering your transaction costs. 

🇶 How do I learn how to use DealPro? 

🇦From conception we strived to create an intuitive solution that needs no manual. We know from our personal and professional experience that, at least at the beginning, help is always needed with any new tool. For this reason our team stays close to our clients to ensure you can make full use of DealPro from day 1, with onsite training sessions, online training material and online support. 

🇶 Can I bespoke DealPro to my needs? 

🇦 DealPro’s features cover most of the day to day needs of bookrunners as part of their deal-related activity. We work closely with our clients and always listen to their requirements. Customisation is needed from time to time, in these instances we are happy to find the best possible solution for them. Please contact us to find out how we can help you. 


🇶Is DealPro an everyday platform? 

🇦 Yes. DealPro is a critical tool for originators and issuers. It delivers unprecedented instant secure access to all the latest data and analytics needed every day by DCM bankers – when pitching, during a transaction or post trade. Its Workflow, Roadshow and Deal functionality enable bankers to manage DCM processes efficiently with instant updates to activity – critical in a fast-paced environment. DealPro is incredibly intuitive. Once you have downloaded the app, you can easily navigate to the functionality you require, with no specific training required. Support is available 24/7 via our online chat, or by contacting our support team. 

🇶 What do you mean by ‘digital ecosystem’? 

🇦 DealPro is an intuitive app for use by all debt capital markets participants. Once onboarded, the deal admin at the bank (usually an analyst) is responsible for allocating appropriate access to the relevant functionality. Through its latest feature, DealPro Data, data is automatically updated as users enjoy Roadshow, Deal and Workflow features data is deduplicated, to ensure information is clean and up-to-date historic data can be easily added, to provide contextual facts and figures. 

🇶 Can other content providers use DealPro to provide relevant data? 

🇦We are always willing to collaborate with 3rd parties in order to provide the best possible solution to our clients. We continually listen to our clients needs, refining and updating DealPro to deliver the best possible solution. Looking forward, we are exploring ways to build bridges through our APIs to collaborate with 3rd parties wherever critical data, news and complementary sophistication can be found. 

🇶 How do I know only I can access my data? 

🇦At Finsmart we take data security very seriously. This is also why early on we made the decision to get ISO27001 certified which means that our information security management system is built based on internationally recognised standards. At the same time we have in place a dedicated environment for each of our clients in our cloud infrastructure and data is encrypted at rest and in transit. We also have audit logging of all activity at application and infrastructure levels. Just to provide a few examples. 

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The Finsmart Team