DealPro Available to Onboard

Finsmart’s Tailormade Digital Application DealPro Available to Onboard

* Industry first digital solution for end to end management of deal execution
* Key pain points in deal flow addressed
* First application tailored specifically for underwriters in debt capital markets
* Automation of low value tasks enables banking teams to add value

DealPro addresses the ongoing challenges between issuers and underwriters – manually intensive and costly processes, increased risk from human error, fragmented data, friction with regulators all costing time and money.

Through this tailor made secure application, underwriters will be able to dynamically input data, track, manage and monitor the deal delivering a better client experience.

DealPro has been built with ease of use in mind, making it straightforward to navigate. The modular functionality enables users to bespoke the application. Light to integrate, DealPro requires fewer resources from onboarding to go-live.


About Finsmart:
Finsmart Ltd. is a financial technology company that develops digital applications for primary capital markets. The technology enables real time secure access to relevant data creating cost efficiencies and competitive advantage for stakeholders. Finsmart was founded in October 2020 by Sotiris Manderis and Guillaume Petitgas. For more information please contact Sotiris Manderis .

The Finsmart Team