Finsmart Evidences Return to Physical Roadshows

Recent research by Finsmart Ltd overwhelming evidences that the ’in person roadshow” is back. Out of 132 respondents, 83% firmly believe that physical roadshows still form an essential part of deal flow.

Guillaume Pettigas, co-founder and CCO, commented “Physical roadshows are an integral part of a deal allowing DCM bankers to build a relationship with their clients and issuers to start and/or intensify their dialogue with investors and vice versa”.

Primary capital markets continue to evolve and life post pandemic is starting to gain momentum.

Patrick Schartner, head of cross asset sales at Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd, and Finsmart advisor, states: “Digital or physical, the internal processes in banks are generally archaic and when asked what has changed in the last 20 years, not enough(!), especially if you compare that to secondary trading and also life in general outside of wholesale banking.”

For issuers, bankers, and investors, in person roadshows are here to stay – and while the effective management continues to be a challenge for all parties – digital tools can provide solutions to facilitate this critical part of the banking process.

About Finsmart

Finsmart Ltd. is a financial technology company that develops digital applications for primary capital markets. The technology enables real time secure access to relevant data creating cost efficiencies and competitive advantage for stakeholders. Finsmart was founded in October 2020 by Sotiris Manderis and Guillaume Petitgas. Contact for further information and demo Sotiris Manderis Guillaume Petitgas

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