Finsmart Introduces Industry First App Transforming Deal Execution

Finsmart Ltd introduces DealPro, an industry first secure application connecting underwriters, issuers and institutional investors in Debt Capital Markets.

The application modernises deal execution by providing all stakeholders with access to critical data in real time.

The unique and comprehensive marketing and analytical tool is accessed via secure cloud technology ensuring data segregation for each client.

The application will allow intelligent data management and mining such as roadshow logistics, investor feedback and real time book building as well as AI based analytics and contextual insights. These tools will substantially transform the user experience while at the same time facilitating more accurate decision making.

Digitalisation of the deal management processes leads to increased efficiency, reduced operational risk and greater transparency. For underwriters DealPro becomes the primary deal hub, the centralised digital communication channel with their clients. For issuers it is the one-stop-shop for managing transactions. While for institutional investors DealPro ensures secure engagement and communication through an integrated platform.

Sotiris Manderis, Founder & CEO, said: “We are building a unique tool to digitalise deal management addressing the principal market pain points across primary debt issuance. Access to all relevant information, securely, in real time, in one place will deliver significant value across Debt Capital Markets”.

The first application will be launched via mobile later this year digitalising deal management within Debt Capital Markets. Subsequent versions will broaden the application’s usage across multiple bank verticals including ECM and M&A.

About Finsmart:
Finsmart Ltd. is a financial technology company that develops digital applications for primary capital markets. The technology enables real time secure access to relevant data creating cost efficiencies and competitive advantage for stakeholders. Finsmart was founded in October 2020 by Sotiris Manderis and Guillaume Petitgas. For more information please contact Sotiris Manderis .