Improving Institutional Client Experience In Primary Capital Markets

There is no doubt that institutional banking clients are demanding significantly improved systems. Our research with multiple financial institutions exploring challenges within primary capital markets has shone the spotlight on this escalating need. Am I surprised? Not at all – client experience is the critical differentiating factor.

Why though is it getting more attention now? What is pushing it to the front of the queue? This has been brewing for some time, not something that has happened overnight.

Technological advances of the last few years such as AI and machine learning, big data and cloud infrastructure, DLT and smart contracts are not just ideas any more, they have proven their commercial value. We have seen them working, making processes better, faster and more robust. While it takes some time for financial institutions to adopt these new technologies, institutional clients now understand what is possible and what can be offered to them.

Concurrently the retail side of banking has experienced a substantial shift to improving the client experience. Mobile apps, omnichannel usage, user-friendly environments and above all secure and robust processes have been at the centre of this retail explosion. With this slick user experience now in place it is the turn of the financial services professionals demanding the same “treatment” at an institutional level.

This demand has been expedited through the unprecedented need for immediate pivoting of processes due to COVID-19. On every level, the expectation of easily navigated apps, access to data and simplified communications streams have fast tracked a natural evolution. Large institutions have had to deliver this change faster, compressing plans that would take years to just a few weeks. In addition, in Primary Capital Markets, COVID-19 has promoted an escalation of innovation with Fintechs spawning new ventures and ideas facilitating much needed transformation. The magnitude of this momentum will transform client experience and shine a light on new ways of doing business.

We know the demand for improved client experience is there – but how to deliver it?

  1. Client experience transformation is not a sprint, it is a marathon – it needs continuity and consistency
  2. Really know your clients, their needs, their set up – listen, ask for feedback – and most importantly, act on it
  3. Provide bespoke solutions – as per your clients needs
  4. Walk the walk – create a culture of championing improving client experience
  5. Be bold – suggest and try new ideas

What does this really look like in Primary Capital Markets? Smart technology, building expertly crafted applications that meet a real need delivered by people who understand this space.

At Finsmart we are listening to what debt capital markets professionals need. Enhancing client experience cuts to the core of our mission. Our first application, DealPro seamlessly and securely delivers secure access to critical deal data for deal execution 24×7 from anywhere, empowering bankers to significantly add value to client experience.

The revolution to improve client experience in primary capital markets has started – there is the need, the client demand, the functionality and the potential for real improvement. The commercial value of improved systems is tangible. Together, let’s continue pushing boundaries for change.


Sotiris Manderis, Founder and CEO at Finsmart Ltd
Published, October 27, 2021

The Finsmart Team