Behind The Scenes at Finsmart

Introducing Francesco Cicero, Advisor

At Finsmart, we are passionate about working with experts. As well as our core team, this means that our advisors are integral to our development – both when looking at product, sales, marketing, fundraising and the business as a whole. Over the coming weeks we will introduce you to our senior team. Today, we meet Francesco Cicero. 

What is your role with Finsmart? 

I primarily advise about the definition of the product-market fit and other product-specific tasks.

Why do you think Finsmart is one to watch?

Finsmart has taken a fresh look at the primary issuance market and not being an incumbent has been free to disrupt the space; what makes Finsmart special in my view is the focus on the right pain points and the commitment to fix them.

What will you personally bring to the table?

I have successfully developed digital ecosystems and marketplaces for over 20 years across different industries and financial asset classes; my vision and execution style have a lot to do with empathy, thought leadership, method, collaboration and commitment.  

What are the biggest challenges facing the industry? 

Technology provides all the tools needed to digitalise markets; the main challenges remain market fragmentation and resistance to change, aspects that can be addressed with the right product delivering value and ease of use. I am glad that market feedback to Finsmart shows we are on the right trajectory.

Where do you see Finsmart making a difference? 

I think it’s the combination of priority and execution; I can see both clarity of vision and direction leading to a fitting product, and I can see a path of least resistance leading to a frictionless execution, in the context of the challenges mentioned above. 

Where do you see Finsmart today, 5 years, 10 years 

Today Finsmart has taken ownership of a great narrative that genuinely matters to both banks and issuers; within 5 years that narrative will translate Finsmart into a successful company at the centre of the primary issuance market; within 10 years I expect greater diversification and even greater success.

Tell us a little about your background 

I have been in senior product and strategy roles for the majority of my career, in the UK, USA, Germany and Italy. The longest history has been with GFI Group where I was Head of eTrading, the most recent with Brickvest as Chief Product Officer. My consulting company opens up many collaboration opportunities and I am working with Fintech and Proptech companies, increasingly engaged in digital assets and Blockchain-based initiatives.  

I have always been able to move to “the next thing” and I could always find a way to deliver innovation and leave a positive legacy. The companies I have worked for have typically become market leaders through innovation, with matching financial results, brand recognition, and high customer loyalty.

And when you’re not working!

I am not sure when “not working” happens, but in those rare moments I love skiing and travelling with the family, and great food with friends. My greatest passion is music though, I am an eager composer and passionate drummer.

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Published, March 24th, 2022

The Finsmart Team