Raising The Bar For 2022

2022 is going to be exciting for Finsmart, it is the year of implementation, the year that DealPro will set solid foundations, the year of creating even stronger relationships with our clients and partners.

Driving us to extend the reach of DealPro are some fundamental truths about debt capital markets:

  • Deal execution in its current form cannot grow further unless business and technology are paired together, efficiently. It is only with the right balance of the two that the market will achieve sustainable growth. If we think about it, in today’s world of digital communication does emailing pdf schedules still make sense? Or is it safe to communicate sensitive information over email and phone? Innovation is needed to evolve and improve existing systems – technology is an enabler. DealPro is made by debt capital markets professionals for debt capital markets professionals using technology to push the boundaries securely, always with the user in mind.


  • Bookrunners and issuers need effective tools that are easy to integrate into their internal technical environments and can evolve according to their individual needs. Platforms acting as “technological islands” wont do – the future is an integrated approach. Ecosystems are made up of a number of interacting components delivering end to end solutions across multiple businesses. For example debt capital markets is one of the many services an investment bank offers to its clients. It makes sense to digitally link up internally to other services like custody, secondary trading, corporate access etc. DealPro’s vision and roadmap are based on two axes: 1. To build up the service it provides in a modular way and grow as per the market’s needs and 2. To establish partnerships in order to expand its service combined with required data.


  • The future is data – bookrunners and issuers need to leverage deal relevant information, organise it, even generate more. Data specialisation makes sense and will further ensure the success of the deals. We need more meta-data in debt capital markets – this is a combination of re-using existing data combined with new sources. For example, recording bookbuilding as it happens and benchmarking against similar deals – some of this data exists and some needs to be generated. DealPro is generating data where needed, delivering factual information to bookrunners and issuers to help and improve their decision making.

Our promise for 2022 is to break down the barriers for modernising debt capital markets always working closely with all market participants and listening to their needs and challenges. We are all in this together!

Sotiris Manderis, Founder and CEO at Finsmart Ltd

Published 12th January, 2022